The membership of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU) includes 30,000 CUPE hospital, long-term care, ambulance and central laundry workers in 120 bargaining units across Ontario.

OCHU bargains a central collective agreement, coordinates grievances related to centrally negotiated language, conducts campaigns in defense of a universally accessible, public healthcare system, and assists with organizing drives throughout the province.

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The membership of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions (OCHU) includes 30,000 CUPE hospital, long-term care, ambulance and central laundry workers in 120 bargaining units across Ontario.



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Stop private clinics and save our local hospitals. Ontario Health Coalition Rally at Queens Park. Nov 21 @ noon
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To draw attention to the leading causes of preventable death, OCHU/CUPE continues with it's campaign to lower the rate of HAIs
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OCHU holds Focus Groups to improve patient care in Long-Term Care
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Keep hospitals cooking! Ontario hospitals should be serving locally grown food that’s cooked in-house.
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Appropriate homecare is a public good, not a commodity bought and sold for profit.
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Read and follow the OCHU Leftwords blog by Doug Allan for current news and information on healthcare in Ontario.
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Poverty in Ontario is steadily increasing, and while the rich are getting richer. Join us in the fight to raise social assistance.
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OCHU Secretary-Treasurer Helen Fetterly is vice-chair of the Board of Trustees for the Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) for 2013.

Occupational Specialties

With significantly expanded scope of practice and training and with the rising acuity of hospital patients, Registered Practical Nurses have significant workload concerns.
These are the nurses patients meet at the bedside and the heart of patient care. OCHU represents 7,000 RPN’s.
Shouldering an increasing share of personal care for patients in hospitals and long term care, personal support workers play an important role in patient care. OCHU represents 4,000 personal support workers.
Keeping hospitals equipment and systems running, the trades and maintenance staff are the backbone of Ontario’s hospital system. Newly regulated and with growing demands on their skills, the 1,000 tradespeople represented by OCHU work around the clock to keep patients safe.
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Newly regulated, pharmacy technicians and technologists are a vital part of any patient’s hospital stay, ensuring that the drugs patients receive in-hospital are as prescribed.
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From a patient’s first experience in the ER, at admitting, at switchboard and throughout the hospital, clerical workers transcribe doctors’ orders, schedule tests and procedures and document and guide patients through their hospital journey.

Top News and Information

Healthcare videos created by Zoran Pivalica for The Ontario Council of Hospital Unions
CUPE members wages were increased by .7% on Sept. 29, 2014 as part of the 4-year contract, reached last September. Find out more...
Get your RPN and RN Malpractice Insurance.
Report tells how our healthcare system is failing the elderly...full story
Click here to view the OCHU Membership Newsletter regarding Ebola as well as the Ontario Medical Officer of Health Directive 1 on ebola...

Additions to statutory leaves

11/November/2014 11:25 AM
Effective October 29, 2014 the Employment Standards Act (ESA) was amended to introduce three new types of job-protected statutory leaves, including:

· Family Caregiver Leave
· Critically Ill Child Care Leave
· Crime-Related Child Death and Disappearance Leave
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Scarborough Hospital--over age 70 benefits

10/November/2014 01:12 PM
Mr. Goodfellow awarded:

“ … we find and declare the Hospital to be in breach of the collective agreement by failing to provide the relevant benefits coverage without regard to age. The Hospital is hereby ordered to provide such coverage.”
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Closure of Hamilton cancer treatment hostel inhumane and misguided

10/November/2014 06:00 AM
Hamilton, Ont. The decision by Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) to close down the assisted residence that it provides for patients who receive chemotherapy is wrong and should be reconsidered, the union representing staff there said today. Patients come from Kenora and out of province to receive specialized chemotherapy and are housed in comfortable accommodation staffed by nurses who monitor their wellbeing and provide care.
Tags: bed closures, Hamilton Health Sciences

If the Ebola outbreak were in Calgary…

21/October/2014 09:00 AM
Toronto, Ont. – “ If the Ebola outbreak were in Calgary the federal government would likely act, because people would be dying on the floors and at the doorways of overwhelmed hospitals, in their homes and on the streets. Canada would call out desperately for help and we would want that call to be answered from around the world. Today our federal government again turned its back on Africa and African lives, “ said Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE.
Tags: ebola, infection prevention

Federal government’s response to Ebola crisis is negligent, inhumane and insufficient

20/October/2014 01:02 PM
Toronto, Ont. – If Ebola comes to Canada, the federal government will share significant responsibility, says Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions/CUPE (OCHU). “ The Harper government’s laissez-faire attitude towards Ebola is evidenced by its refusal to provide mobile hospitals to stricken African nations, its refusal of formal requests for personal protective equipment which were then sold off and its failure to mobilize our nation’s healthcare resources fully behind the fight against Ebola in Africa”.
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Rally at Temiskaming Hospital Monday, campaign to draw attention of Minister to cutbacks

20/October/2014 08:00 AM
New Liskeard, Ont. – Staff of the Temiskaming Hospital will rally on Monday October 20, at noon, to protest plans to cut staff and services, says Arlene Hearn, president of local 904 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees.
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Media Conference Wednesday to announce community campaign against cuts to Temiskaming Hospital

14/October/2014 04:46 PM
NEW LISKEARD, ON, Oct. 14, 2014 /CNW/ - There will be a media conference on Wednesday October 15, at 4:00 p.m. at the Temiskaming Shores Public Library branch, to announce a campaign to oppose plans to cut staff and services, at Temiskaming Hospital.

Haliburton, Minden high seniors population spurs community meetings on long-term care, October 14, 15

10/October/2014 01:11 PM
HALIBURTON, Ont. – With a seniors population (those over 65 years old) in Minden, Haliburton of nearly 28 per cent – that’s almost double the percentage of seniors in Ontario –options for long-term care (LTC) and care quality for residents are top-of-mind for many area families.
Tags: Minden, Haliburton, Town hall meeting, Senior care, long-term care

Ontario government indifference fostering systemic neglect, hastening incontinence of LTC residents, finds PSW, RPN focus group study

23/September/2014 08:00 AM
Kenora, ON – Ontario government indifference to care quality, provincial policies and low funding for long-term care are fostering systemic neglect of residents, say personal support workers (PSWs) and registered practical nurses (RPNs) who took part in intensive focus group sessions in five Ontario communities.
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OCHU Events

Join OCHU members on January 12th - 14th 2015 to learn about Health & Safety in Hospitals and Long-term Care: Health care work in the age of ebola
February 2015 with Joe Herbert. Learn how all of the key elements of the central hospital agreement work. Look at all of the key arbitration decisions. Joe Herbert has been the union’s nominee on boards of arbitration for grievances filed under the CUPE central hospital agreement since 1975.
March and June 2015 with Mark Wright. Learn how the job security articles of the CUPE hospital agreement work. Review all key arbitration decisions, interpreting the job security articles with Mark Wright, lawyer with Sack/Goldblatt/Mitchell- OCHU’s counsel.
The intent of the study Long-Term Care in Ontario: Fostering Systemic Neglect, was to speak directly to Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) working in long-term care (LTC) in Ontario Find out more...
Please join OCHU members on October 27th, 2014 for a discussion of bargaining for trades and the impact of pay equity and regulation through the College of Trades.
Join OCHU members on October 28th and 29th 2014 to review the leading arbitration, human rights and court decisions concerning attendance management programs.

Members Resources

The Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health to bargain provincially with the major unions in the hospital sector.
View and Download your CUPE Central Collective Agreement Find out more...
OCHU has produced guidebooks to help our members understand in greater detail different aspects of their collective agreement. View and Download guidebooks to your pension, benefits and job security Find out more...
HOOPP is one of the largest defined benefit pension plans in Canada, and manages over $40.3 billion in assets. They have a very talented team investing the contributions for you, ensuring that your pension will be there for you when you retire. Find out more...
Ontario Council of Hospital Unions / CUPE has partnered with LMS PROLINK to provide Professional Liability Protection (PLP) exclusively for Registered Practical Nurses and Registered Nurses who are members of OCHU / CUPE. For over 30 years LMS PROLINK has been a 100% Canadian owned independent insurance brokerage serving members of unions and associations.

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